Online Extortion Becoming Widespread Problem

Extortion the crime of coercing a person to give money, goods, or services. It’s most commonly associated with organized criminals who offer “protection” in exchange for money. In reality, this “protection” is just a fleeting promise to not behave violently.

Recently, this crime has made its way to the internet. A man has filed a lawsuit alleging that he is being extorted for cash by three websites that who claim to be sex offender registries.

The man, who was a registered sex offender and has served his time, lived with the consequences of his actions, and since grown and married, is being listed on these websites as a sex offender. He wants to be removed from them since he no longer needs to report his status as an offender. However, the sites are each demanding cash payments topping $400 to have him removed from their databases.

This is obviously unfair since the man is receiving no guarantee that he won’t be listed on another site after he pays and is no longer required to report as a sex offender. These sites are clearly extorting him. They even list people who have never been convicted of sex crimes as sex offenders and demand money from people who want to be removed from their registry.


  1. This is scary. There needs to be a better handle on situations such as these. Thanks for the info.

  2. I’ve had a few brushes with this type of illegal behavior. The internet needs to be policed better. Period.

  3. I find it ridiculous that these people are trying to charge this man for his own personal information being removed.

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